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All courses are designed to be actionable from the beginning so you can start taking action.

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All courses offer high-quality, relevant material that is designed to get you started right away.


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We take pride in the quality of the courses offered at School of Sharks. All courses are taught by instructors who are investors themselves and experts in their field. All instructors are thoroughly vetted before their courses are offered to our students. We are continually working on new content and working on releasing new courses. Our course library is always growing!

Bhaskar Pandey and Dan Diaz, Co-Founders of School of Sharks
Bhaskar Pandey and Dan Diaz, Co-Founders

Our courses contain valuable, actionable tips that you can put to work immediately. These skills you learn, can potentially lead to multiple steams of income for years to come and minimize potential losses.

With a wide range of real estate investing courses, you can choose your own path whether it is fix-n-flip, rental investing, wholesaling, owner finance or creative strategies.

All of our instructors are highly experienced investors and are industry experts. Each course has been carefully curated with highly relevant content chosen with care. 

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What Our Students Have to Say

Your class was an eye opener to bigger profits. I got an owner finance at 0% interest in less than a week after your class. I also have buyers for my 240K house with 10% down cash to close. They are ready to sign tomorrow. I would have lost those 25K down had I not taken your class. The value was insane, no joke.
Norberto Clemente
From Houston, Texas
I've watched Dan's course countless times and STILL pick up new golden nuggets every time! I’ve learned how to negotiate, prepare for objections, who I need on my power team, disposition strategies, a new way of prequalifying Sub2 deals, how to find buyers without wasting your time, etc. I could honestly go on and on.
Sammy Prieto
From Lubbock, Texas
Dan's course showed me strategies of how to make an additional $150 per month totaling $50K+ over 30 years, by structuring my 1st and 2nd position notes on a property I'm selling with owner finance! Dan is the real deal. I appreciate all the value. Your education is very powerful!
Andres Olaya
From Miami, Florida
The biggest and most helpful thing that Dan says is "words mean things". I was just a guy doing wholesaling and had done a few flips. Now I own over 10 notes and have 4 rental properties to help offset taxes and still get cash flow. I'm extremely happy I invested in myself and took the course.
Kenndley Kampf
From Temple, Texas

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