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We’re real estate investors from San Antonio, TX who vowed to bring affordable, high-quality real estate education straight from industry experts to the masses. After attending several real estate conferences, masterminds and learning first-hand from new investors about their challenges, we set out to create a reliable, trustworthy marketplace for real estate educational content.
Bhaskar Pandey, Co-Founder, School of Sharks

Dan began his real estate investing career in November 2015. He knew nothing about real estate but always considered himself a problem solver and solution seeker. First deal generated him $80,000 in upfront profit and a $400 monthly spread for the next 30 years and he was hooked! Now, he mostly raises private capital to fund owner finance transactions, teaches seller financing as an acquisition tool, and buys as much land, SFH, and other small commercial assets as he can get hands on. 

His main areas of expertise & experience include:

  • 20 years coaching individuals and teams of up to 50
  • Public speaking to audiences up to 10,000 people at once
  • Teach high level negotiation skills on how to negotiate massively profitable seller finance terms
  • Seller finance offers / contracts
  • Raise private capital to a tune of about $1.5 million/month

He considers himself an owner finance fanatic, loves a dry red wine, a stiff scotch, a cold beer, good company, international travel, a bloody red steak, and regular road trips. His wife and he have been married for nearly 5 years. No kids. And currently a red healer for a pet.

Bhaskar immigrated from India to the US in 2002 seeking a Bachelors degree in Engineering. He graduated with the “Engineering Student of the Year” award in 2007 and dove in to the corporate consulting world, putting his engineering and systems knowledge to work over the course of nearly, 15 years. 

His discovered his true passion for flipping land in 2021. With his engineering background and keen interest in real estate investing, he built robust systems, standard operating procedures and a talented team that has nearly put his land flipping on auto-pilot. 

He specializes in building integrated systems for investors allowing them to build and operate efficient teams for profitable investing in remote markets, carefully tracking the metrics needed to achieve predictability, continuity and profitability. 

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Our instructors are investors, attorneys, entrepreneurs all of whom are real estate investors themselves and have years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Dan Diaz

Creative finance expert, avid investor in STRs and Notes.
From San Antonio, TX

Attorney T Alan Ceshker

T. Alan Ceshker

Attorney at law with law and title offices all over Texas. Over 10,000 real estate transactions closed.

Bhaskar Pandey, Co-Founder, School of Sharks

Bhaskar Pandey

Systems engineer by education, land investor by profession. Specializes in infill lot investing.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Thank you, Dan Diaz for all the education and guidance. My husband and I closed on our first owner finance note yesterday. We had planned on doing small amounts of work to it, but found a buyer who wanted to buy it as is. We are cash flowing and buyers are paying the loan servicing fee.
Doreen L. Sidney
From Austin, Texas
I just bought this house for $223 a month, $0 down for 180 months. Thanks to Dan's training. I'll also be getting my second payment on a owner finance deal.
Blake Bowman
From Bullard, Texas
The 10 hour Owner Finance Deep Dive course is excellent. Thank you so much for making it affordable and putting it together. I really appreciate it.
Charity John's
Not only did Dan teach me how to save a deal with owner finance, he taught me how to create way bigger assignment on a seller finance deal or create a big enough spread for me to cash flow.
Jarell Keys
From San Antonio, Texas