Seller Finance Deep Dive

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This is an in-depth seller finance acquisitions and negotiations training focused on massively profitable offer structures to cover the most common situations and solutions.
**Topics covered:**
✅ $0 down deals
✅ Lock in 0% interest rate
✅ No balloons and how to get them
✅ Handle large down payments with no money out of your pocket
✅ How to negotiate sub2 deals that PAY you
✅ Get seller financing at bank rates or better
✅ Alliances with agents
✅ Lead Farming
✅ 18 points of profit – how to identify them and master them
✅ Post closing negotiations
✅ Underwrite in 2 mins or less
✅ Non-recourse, and how to get it
✅ Scripts
✅ Paperwork
✅ Team needed
Dan has spoken on the subject in front of thousands for the past 5 years and his office locks in zero down 0% interest deals weekly. – You can too!

Taught by creative finance expert Dan Diaz.