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Whether it is low credit, high debt-to-income ratio, self-employed, no W-2s, or if conventional financing requires too much money down to buy your investment property, Fundamentals of Creative Financing is for you.

This course helps discover ways you can fund your next purchase without needing to depend up on banks or even needing any or much money down.

The strategies explained in this course are not mere concepts, but strategies used in real life by many, including the instructor himself, to acquire and scale their real estate portfolio.

This course will provide you with the foundational knowledge of various creative financing techniques that could lead to you acquiring or selling your next investment property.

Dan Diaz, Co-Founder of School of Sharks

Dan Diaz

Creative Finance Expert

Co-Founder, School of Sharks

Dan Diaz is an investor and a creative finance expert. He specializes in purchasing properties using seller financing and selling properties using owner financing. He has originated several notes. He also owns several short-term rentals many of which he acquired using creative financing strategies.

His creative financing strategies have helped many people acquire properties with low, or no money down and exit them in massively profitable ways.

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