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Bhaskar Pandey

Bhaskar immigrated from India to the US in 2002 seeking a Bachelors degree in Engineering. He graduated with the “Engineering Student of the Year” award in 2007 and dove in to the corporate consulting world, putting his engineering and systems knowledge to work over the course of nearly, 15 years.

His discovered his true passion for flipping land in 2021. With his engineering background and keen interest in real estate investing, he built robust systems, standard operating procedures and a talented team that has nearly put his land flipping on auto-pilot.

He specializes in building integrated systems for investors allowing them to build, operate and scale efficient teams for profitable investing in remote markets, carefully tracking the metrics needed to achieve predictability, continuity and profitability.

His main areas of expertise & experience include:

  • 15 years of experience providing consultations for Engineering & Systems
  • Integrate systems & apps for operational efficiency
  • CRM configurations & automations
  • Build role-specific SOPs for real estate investing companies
  • Use technology to operate and scale small-businesses

He is husband to a loving wife and a father to an amazing boy who support him in his real estate investing journey.

Consultation Packages

Hourly, Half Day, Full Day, Full Day Group Consult