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Dan Diaz

Dan began his real estate investing career in November 2015. He knew nothing about real estate but always considered himself a problem solver and solution seeker. First deal generated him $80,000 in upfront profit and a $400 monthly spread for the next 30 years and he was hooked! Now, he mostly raises private capital to fund owner finance transactions, teaches seller financing as an acquisition tool, and buys as much land, SFH, and other small commercial assets as he can get hands on.

His main areas of expertise & experience include:

  • 20 years coaching individuals and teams of up to 50
  • Public speaking to audiences up to 10,000 people at once
  • Teach high level negotiation skills on how to negotiate massively profitable seller finance terms
  • Seller finance offers / contracts
  • Raise private capital to a tune of about $1.5 million/month

He considers himself an owner finance fanatic, loves a dry red wine, a stiff scotch, a cold beer, good company, international travel, a bloody red steak, and regular road trips. His wife and he have been married for nearly 5 years. No kids. And currently a red healer for a pet.

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