Seller Finance Deep Dive by Dan Diaz

Learn to buy with ZERO money down and none of your credit using seller financing.

Recorded LIVE Webinar, Available as a Course

In this School of Sharks – Deep Dive series, Dan Diaz teaches an in-depth seller finance negotiations course specifically focused on massively profitable offer structures to cover the most common situations and solutions.

These shark like offers are tactical and designed to make you extremely profitable each time. 

The goal is to get you in a deal with none of your money and without using your credit. 

Topics covered:

  • $0 down deals 
  • Lock in 0% interest rate
  • No balloons and how to get them 
  • Handle large down payments with no money out of your pocket 
  • How to negotiate sub2 deals that PAY you 
  • Get seller financing at bank rates or better 
  • Alliances with agents 
  • Lead Farming 
  • 18 points of profit – how to identify them and master them
  • Post closing negotiations 
  • Underwrite in 2 mins or less
  • Non-recourse, and how to get it 
  • Scripts 
  • Paperwork 
  • Team needed


….. and much much more. 

Dan has spoken on the subject in front of thousands of investors for the past 5 years and his office locks in zero down 0% interest deals weekly.