Casey started out in real estate in 2017 after a few years as a top closer for a construction company in Dallas. After getting licensed as a Realtor. she quickly fell in love with the investing side of real estate and did about 50 deals in her first two years knocking on foreclosure doors.

She quickly realized there was a gap in the market for skilled transaction coordinators who knew the intricacies of resolving title issues and the paperwork involved in getting creative deals to closing, so Atlas Transaction Coordinator Services was born in 2019.

As an investor who has sat in every seat in the business, she understands how a high quality TC can increase operational efficiency without necessarily having them in-house. Her team has helped scale many investor operations across the nation, handling over 4,000 deals in the last 3 years with Atlas, serving as a listing agent for investors in DFW and investing in rentals herself.

Her team manages every type of transaction including assignments, sub-to, lease options, wraps, mobile homes and renovations.